Christmas around the World! What could be more fun than to explore the many wondrous ways the people of the world celebrate this holiday? Come to these pages often to discover the traditions of far away lands. With an emphasis on music we will go deep into the customs of different countries with the hope that our new understanding will bring us all closer together during this beautiful season. We will also explore some of our own Christmas traditions, the origins of Christmas carols and other interesting holiday discoveries.
Who Was Good King Wenceslas?~On a cold winter’s night a page traveling with his king begins to freeze. The king tells the page to step into his footprints, and as he does the footprints give off enough heat to warm the page. Who was the king of this miracle? submitted by The Reverend Ed Hird - Rector, St. Simon’s Anglican Church, North Vancouver

The History of the Candy Cane~The candy cane did not start out in the form we are familiar with today. Learn of its origins and the symbolism that is said to be associated with it. submitted by Laura Witcher Goldstein

The Timeless Tradition of Decorating the Christmas Tree~Bringing in the evergreens to dress up a drab winter home has been a practice that dates back ages. But so-called modern times has taken the process a step further. Not only do we use trees to dress up houses, we make things to dress up the trees in the houses. submitted by Amy S. Jorgensen

Making Merry with Christmas Cards~One of the newest of holiday traditions has experienced an explosion in acceptance -- the sending and receiving of Christmas cards. This article explains where this practice came from and why the Internet continues to grow the phenomenon. submitted by Sarita Mehra

How December 25th Became Christmas~December 25th is widely accepted by most as the actual birthday of Jesus Christ. We wonder how many will be surprised to learn that not only is that date clearly off the mark, it is in reality a date celebrated in pagan practices.
submitted by Ryan Crosby

The Yule Log~It's both a legend and a tradition. In fact, it's older even the the story of the first Christmas. The ancient rite of the Yule log was practiced by ancient peoples seeking warmth and light during a season of darkness -- and good luck in the year ahead. Today, the tradition of the Yule log continues with new variations on the ancient theme. submitted by Tomm Larson

The Story of "Silent Night, Holy Night - A Christmas Carol"
~This story comes in many different versions and all of them are equally intriguing! submitted by Janice Hayen

The Twelve Days of Christmas~Take a look at the meanings behind the twelve days of Christmas.

Wreaths: Eternity's Decoration~A Christmas wreath has neither beginning or end -- it is eternal. This is the story of the wreath -- and the symbolism of it that has survived to our day and in our holiday celebrations. submitted by Patricia Bhatia

The Art of Wassail~Here we come a-wassailing --- a time honored tradition that has survived centuries and heartily survives today. This is the story of how it has been enjoyed through the years and just what it means to "wassail". submitted by Jeff Westover

Celebrating with Christmas Candles~The magic of light at Christmas would lose a little of it's luster if it were not for candles. This article tells of why we use candles so much during the season and how in times past they were much more than decoration and mood-setters. submitted by Sarita Mehra

Christmas Bells~The origin of the use of bells during the holidays is explored and explained in this article.. submitted by Abby Westover

Why We Use Red and Green at Christmas~Young writer Brenna Hall, through her story of Clara and Maria, explains why red and green are the dominate colors of Christmas. submitted by Brenna Hall.

The Legend of the Christmas Rose~The Legend of the Christmas Rose speaks of a young girl named Madelon who wanted to come worship the Christ Child. Seeing the gold, frankincense and myrrh brought by others who were drawn to the humble birthplace, she despaired that she had no gift to bring, for Madelon was poor indeed. This touching tale speaks of the miracle of giving through the tears of a little girl.

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