Christmas is a time for stories. All kids, young and old, love Christmas stories. Have the whole family gather around the fire and read these wonderful tales together.
If you would like to submit a story to be included in this section of please email us for details. Enjoy!
Help Santa Build a Bike!~ You fill in the blanks! This is a fun word game story where you insert your own personal words such as your name, a funny animal etc. You then read a story about Santa building a bike for your best friend on Christmas Eve, and you're there to help!

The Meeting~ by Becci Irving
Santa has a most important gift to bring - but who is it for, and what is it?

How the Fir Tree Became the Christmas Tree~ by Bailey and Lewis
learn about the legend of the humble little fir tree that wanted to bring a gift to the Christ Child.

Bus to Christmas~ by Tara Bell
A delightful story told through the eyes of a fourteen year old reluctantly on her way to spend Christmas with her Grandmother.

The Pathetic Tree~ by Hannah, age 8
Hanna's first Christmas story about the tree her brother wanted and didn't get. Or did he?

Christmas Eve~ by James Irving
Who can wait for Christmas morning when you are too excited to sleep?

The Night Before Christmas~ by P. E. Adotey Addo
An African Christmas story.

Just Like Jesus~ by Lynda Finn
Share a woman's discovery of the true meaning of Christmas as she is taught by her two little boys.

A Gift from a Two Year Old~ by Patricia Bhatia
Christmas sometimes brings out the best in the human weaknesses of greed and selfishness. For one young girl, Christmas was quickly put into perspective by a two year old's purity.

Korat Christmas~ by Tomm Larson
An exotic Christmas memory from a Christmas in a far off land.

Little Dancers~ by Kimberly Ripley
Blessings come in all shapes and sizes. And often they come when we least expect it. And sometimes they come and we don't recognize them until they're gone.