One day Benny was walking in the shimmering, white snow. Benny saw the PERFECT Christmas tree. It had beautiful, green branches and was glittering from the snow. Benny ran home to tell his parents to buy it. His parents said “OK.”

The next day Benny got dressed quickly and warmly. Then he and his parents set out for the Christmas tree shop. When they got there, they saw that the perfect Christmas tree was not there. “Boo,” he cried out.

Benny saw his parents looking at the ugliest Christmas tree on earth. It had about three branches and looked like it was about to fall over. It had about one leaf per branch. It was practically yellow it was so light-colored.

“Don’t buy that thing!” Benny yelled. “That’s a pathetic Christmas tree!” He watched as his parents bought the spindly tree.

Christmas Eve Benny was sad to see that pathetic tree. It had one star and two bells and some paper reindeer around the branches. The reindeer looked like they were about to fall off.

Christmas morning Benny woke up to find the beautiful Christmas tree with lots and lots of presents. He found that his parents had tricked him. They had bought the beautiful Christmas tree and hid it as a Christmas present. Benny shrieked with joy.

That afternoon the family planted the pathetic Christmas tree for the next year.

written by Hannah, age 8