We have assembled here a variety of crafts and games for kids and adults alike. Although at this time not too many are available we are working hard to get quite a few ready in time for Christmas. Soon you will find gift tags to print out with some of our beautiful imagery, games to play, ornaments to print out, coloring pages and many more. If you have anything you would like to see on these pages we would love to know about it. Just drop us an email. Check these pages often for additions!
Christmas Coloring Book~ We searched quite a while to find the best java coloring book we could find. Finally we think we have found it!. Click here to have fun coloring in Christmas images right here online! Unlimited choices of colors, brush size and a trace feature as well. Great fun for all ages..

Snowman Mutations~ This is a great game to test your memory! The game randomly creates a mutant snowman face that you are to try to re-create! Fun for all ages. Click here for a go at it.

Snowflakes~ On this page you will find some templates to cut out your own magical snowflakes! After you have made a few then start to experiment and come up with your own Christmassy and wintery design!

Concentration!~ Here is a fun game anyone can play. And you don't need an online MBA to do it! Our version of course has a Christmas theme! Turn over the cards and test your concentration by remembering where each fun Christmas scene is hiding. "Win" the game after all of the cards are matched revealing a surprise picture. Click here for the rules and to start playing.

"Help Santa Build a Bike!"~ This is a fun word game where you insert your own personal words such as your name, a funny animal etc. You then read a story about Santa building a bike for your best friend on Christmas Eve, and you're there to help! Click here to start the fun.

Kid's Crafts!~ Choose from any of the fun crafts listed here. With just a few things like paper, socks, beads, buttons, etc. you can make any or all of these festive and fun crafts. Make sure mom or dad helps with the cutting and the glue. Have fun!.

Sock Snowmen~ Snowman Pin~
Reindeer Card~ Festive Candle Holder~
Penguins~ "Snow" Ornament~
Ornament~ Fabric Christmas Card~
Reindeer Placemat~