Time to make cutout snowflakes! Your children, with your guidance, can cut out these fun and fanciful snowflakes from these printout templates. Follow the instructions below and create as many of these wonders as you like. After you have made a few start experimenting! We will soon have a snowflake contest where your own creation can be eligible to win some fun prizes! Speaking from experience, it may be best to do this activity in a non-carpeted part of the house if possible. Getting little slivers of paper out of carpeting can be a pain for even the best cleaning service!

You may like to use colored paper to glue your snowflakes on for special Christmas cards or colored markers and glitter to make your creations even more beautiful. After you have several snowflakes cut out you may want to hang them up in the window strung out on a garland or hang them from a rod as a snowflake mobile. You can tape thread to them and make ornaments or decorate packages by taping them on the wrapping. You can do lots of things with them! Have fun!

INSTRUCTIONS FOR SNOWFLAKES~ make sure mom or dad say its OK to use the scissors to cut out these snowflakes! First, choose a design you would like to work with. Then print it out. Next, cut along the grey line and fold according to these instructions...
Step 4: Now fold it into a triangle with the blackened cut out areas still in the front, like in this picture. Now cut out all the black, carefully unfold it to reveal your creation!
Step 3: Fold it again in half so it looks like the picture above.
Step 2: Next, fold the paper in half so it looks like the picture above.
Step 1: Start by cutting out the template on the gray line so it is square.