Welcome all Feline Lovers to our special Christmas Cats page!

We know that there are many of you out there who love cats and what goes better with the festivities of decorating your house for Christmas than a cat curled up by the fire or frantically chasing bits of left over ribbon around the Christmas tree? Watch out for those glass ornaments!

All of us at noelnoelnoel.com would like to celebrate the Christmas Cat with this special page of cat related content. Let the cat in your home represent the entire animal world at this joyous time of year. The love you have in your heart for your furry feline companion is a symbol of the love we show for all the creatures that share this world with us. The comfort of the warm chair your cat sleeps in or the rug at the foot of the bed or by the fireplace or the special spot amongst the packages under the tree symbolizes the shelter and security that all of God’s creatures yearn for not only at Christmas but during every day of every year. Observe, enjoy and bring into your heart the youthful and unhindered exuberance your playful cat displays when the mood strikes. And share with your feline tenant the quiet and peaceful time of inspiration as you would with all of Earth’s living things, the powerful and the meek alike. Merry Christmas to all.

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For ALL Cat Lovers! Feline Fiesta! As featured in Cat Fancy Magazine, and heard on kid's radio shows from coast to coast. Feline Fiesta contains 9 songs for kids about cats, by Robby Brawn and covers a wide range of musical styles from Swing to Latin, and Country to Jazz! Whimsical songs like "Kosmic Kats From Outer Space", "Hairballs and Fleas" and "The Cat Dance" are sure to please every kid as well as every cat lover from ages 1 to 92!

The intent at Kindersounds, the producer of this CD, is not only to provide fun, quality music, but to spread positive messages about pets, the importance of spaying/neutering our pets, and in general, being kind to the rest of the creatures we share our planet with. For each CD sold, a donation will be made to a no kill animal shelter or other animal organization

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The Cat Dance
A Cat is a Cat is a Cat
Feline Fiesta
Kosmic Kats from Outer Space
Tennesee Tom
Hairballs and Fleas
Some Cats Have the Strangest Names
I Just Don't Know Why
Catnip Dreams
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