Comments on Printing:
To print our recipes use the print command on your computer (control+P or command-P on a Mac). If you only want the text simply highlight it and cut and paste it into a word processing program. You can then format it as you like it and print it from there.

For our sheet music it IS possible to print directly from your Browser, but for best results you should actually download the graphic file and print it from a graphics program such as Pictureview or the Windows equivalent. Most computers come with this software pre-installed and once you download the image simply right click or double click on it to open the program where you can format the image and print it with whatever resolution is best for your needs.

All of the music files are saved as one graphic image for each page of music. The entire page is a graphic image so when you download by clicking anywhere on the page the entire page will download to your hard drive. You may then open it as explained above or import it into a graphics editor to have more freedom with the formatting. Make certain you download EACH of the pages necessary! Each page is a separate graphic.

We do ask that you do not remove the copyright notice or alter the image in any other way. We also ask that you honor the copyright and do not post these images on your website, give them away or sell them for others to use in any manner. You may enjoy them and copy them for your own home, school or church use but all other uses are prohibited. Thanks!